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Jewelry & Leather Care


Fish skin care:

Fish skin is very resitant, the suede will soften and get dirty naturally with time. Its unraveled look is part of the design and should not be viewed as damaged. 

If a smoother texture is preferred, you may carefully trim the scales using a small pair of scissors.

For better maintenance of the suede, avoid folding any of the MIMO jewelry. Please store all the pieces flat for finer care.

The fish skins behave like a suede leather and cannot be washed.

How resistant is the fish leather?

Fish leather is a really remarkably strong material, although there are some differences between species. While salmon and tilapia are somewhat more flexible and can stretch to a certain degree, carp and sea bass are far thicker and more structured.

Jewelry care:

Keep jewelry clean and dry using a soft cloth. Avoid humidity as much as possible as well as contact with chemicals such hairspray, perfumes, lotions, cleaning supplies or chlorine.

When not wearing, please store inside a soft jewelry pouch.