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Set of green + yellow tilapia suede bangles


Set of green + yellow tilapia suede bangles


Set of green + yellow tilapia suede bangles


Emerald green tilapia suede bangles set + Yellow fish suede bangle.

14K gold plated.

Set includes 4 bangles:

2 plain bangles (inside radius of 6.6cm/2.6") + 1 emerald green tilapia suede rimmed bangle (inside radius 6.3cm/2.5") + 1 yellow tilapia suede rimmed bangle (inside radius: 6.5cm or 2.5").

You can choose any other colour combo upon availability.

Fish skin is as resistant as any other suede product and will soften and get dirty naturally with time.

Colour in the monitor may have a slight variation.

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